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  • BMC Nutrition Journal Publishes Immunomodulatory Polysaccharide Literature Review

     Dr. Erika Nelson, Dr. Rob Sinnott and Jane Ramberg
    Dr. Erika Nelson, Dr. Rob Sinnott and Jane Ramberg

    A large body of scientific literature suggests that certain polysaccharides impact immune system function. Scientists interested in their effects following oral intake, however, have been obliged to sift through a vast number of studies, many of questionable relevance—in vitro studies or studies in which polysaccharide products were injected or administered intravenously. For progress to be made in oral polysaccharide research, a topic of particular interest to dietary supplement companies, Mannatech scientists Jane Ramberg, Dr. Erika Nelson and Dr. Robert Sinnott recognized the need for a systematic review of the existing oral immunologic polysaccharide literature. Their findings, published in BMC Nutrition Journal, indicate that numerous dietary polysaccharides can elicit diverse immunomodulatory effects in humans who are healthy or have health conditions. Animal studies indicate that immunologic effects can be detected in the blood, GI tract and spleen. The authors hope that their comprehensive review will provide a foundation that can be used to guide future immunomodulatory polysaccharide research.

    Dec 9, 2010 at 3:21 pm | Publications