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    Mannatech’s team of QA, Research and Development and Regulatory Affairs professionals work hard to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet country-specific regulatory standards. Because regulatory quality standards are complex and subject to change, it’s essential to have an expert in charge. Long-term Mannatech employee Ms. Sharon McNair, a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), is up to that responsibility.

    Devoted to keeping abreast of quality regulations and fostering continuing education in the wider quality community, Ms. McNair was elected Secretary of the Dallas ASQ section in December 2016.  As Secretary, she maintains minutes for monthly Dallas ASQ general and leadership meetings and serves as a voting representative for the Dallas section of the organization’s world quality group.  The 900+ members of the Dallas ASQ section represent a wide-range of industries, including hospital, dietary supplements, foods and drugs, medical devices and the aerospace industry.  The concerns of this group encompass quality systems for all areas of corporate functions, including human resources and business systems.  Given the diversity of this group, Sharon recently established and now chairs a Dallas ASQ Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Special Interest Group (SIG) so that the specific needs of quality professionals in these areas can more easily be met. Meetings will be held at Mannatech’s corporate headquarters.

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    Mannatech Announces Formation of Global Scientific Advisory Board

    Mannatech has assembled a group of top-tier, independent scientists from around the world to lead its Global Scientific Advisory Board (GSAB), a group that will support the company’s commitment to providing science-backed nutritional supplements to its worldwide customer base.


    GSAB_logoMannatech’s GSAB will provide their insights and expertise to help Mannatech continue to develop outstanding new products or refine existing products to ensure that ingredients and formulations are up to pre-determined standards and are in line with the latest, viable research. GSAB members may also be called upon to provide education and training to consumers on health and wellness topics.

    GSAB members include:

    • Azita Alavi, BSc(Hons), MPhil, PhD
    • Richard J. Bloomer, PhD
    • Stephen Boyd, MD, PhD
    • Charl Marais, BSc, D Emed
    • Francesco Marotta, MD, PhD, MACG
    • Erika Nelson, PhD
    • Chandan Prasad, BSc(Hons.), MSc, PhD
    • Emma Roca, MS, PhD candidate
    • William Sanchez, MD


    Mannatech’s Senior Global Wellness Director, Dr. Steve Nugent, serves as Chairman of the Global Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr. Rolando Maddela, Mannatech’s Director of Clinical Research and Scientific Affairs serves as the GSAB Executive Secretary and Mr. Tait Switzer, Vice President of Research and Development will provide additional support.

    Biographies of GSAB members are provided on the Scientific Board page of this website.

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    Mannatech Celebrates Publication Citation Milestone

    About six years ago Mannatecphoto of Jane and Erikah realized that, to facilitate scientific understanding of the effect of dietary polysaccharides on the immune system, there was a pressing need to consolidate and describe the existing immunologic oral polysaccharide literature. Always ready for a challenge, Mannatech scientists decided to take on the task, and their systematic literature review was published in Nutrition Journal in November of 2010.
    This review has indeed been of great interest to researchers around the globe who are striving to better understand these complex and often potent natural molecules derived from plants and fungi. In fact, Mannatech recently celebrated a significant milestone for this literature review: the article has been cited in over 100 research publications!
    “We’ve always recognized the need for strong product validation, as evidenced by pre-clinical research and human clinical studies that have documented the benefits of our core products for people,”* commented Tait Switzer, Vice President of Research and Development at Mannatech. “International recognition of the importance of this literature review and rapidly growing interest in oral polysaccharide research further demonstrates that we are truly advancing the scientific understanding of the benefits that can be derived from dietary polysaccharides.”

    Pictured:  Authors Jane Ramberg, MS (left) and Dr. Erika Nelson.  Not pictured: Dr. Robert Sinnott


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    Glyconutritionals Revisited

    In honor of the relaunch of our fresh new website, Mannatech’s R&D team decided to offer up a simple, clean serving of glyconutritional education: “Glyconutritionals Revisited”. We’ve come a long way since our first Ambrotose product was launched almost twenty years ago!

    Download PDF “Glyconutritionals Revisited”

    This two-page article is also posted on all Ambrotose product pages.

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    Mannatech’s Leadership Role in Quality and Compliance

    SM-news2015Mannatech has been steadfast in its commitment to producing the highest quality scientifically validated products that meet country-specific regulatory standards. Working behind the scenes for over 12 years to help make this happen is Ms. Sharon McNair, Mannatech’s Quality Assurance Manager.

    An important component of Ms. McNair’s responsibilities is staying abreast of ever-changing Quality regulations. The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is an outstanding resource for Quality professionals serving diverse industries who seek continuing education and productive interactions with industry peers. At the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement in early May 2015, Sharon asked that a Dallas-area regional special interest group (SIG) be formed so that Quality Food, Drug, Supplements and Cosmetics professionals could meet and discuss issues relevant to their industries. Approval was provided in June 2015 and Ms. McNair agreed to serve as the inaugural chair of the SIG. During SIG meetings, held monthly at Mannatech’s corporate headquarters in Coppell, industry members share their knowledge and experiences in implementing Quality procedures that enable them to comply with federal and state regulations. As a Dallas ASQ section team member, Sharon also proctors quality professional’s certification examinations.

    “I am an advocate for continuing education and learning new ways to improve my knowledge,” explains Ms. McNair. “I love Quality and I work daily to improve Mannatech’s processes to help ensure our products are of the highest quality, which includes identifying what is perceived as a quality measure for the countries we service. Recent recalls of other company’s products do harm to the entire supplement industry. It is my hope that consumer trust will be bolstered by our SIG working together to implement and adhere to Quality standards.”

    More information about Mannatech’s commitment to quality products can be found here.

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    Mannatech Presents Product Research at the 9th Annual International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference

    Dr. Rolando L. Maddela in Clearwater Beach, Florida
    Dr. Rolando L. Maddela in Clearwater Beach, Florida

    Mannatech recently presented product research at the 9th Annual International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference, which was held in Clearwater, Florida on June 22-23, 2012. The open-label human clinical trial showed that intake of Mannatech products resulted in statistically significant improvements in numerous self-reported measures of physical and mental health, quality of life, memory, and elbow and knee pain reduction.*

    The 15 retired football players who participated in the study took Mannatech’s Ambrotose® complex powder, Omega–3 with Vitamin D3 capsules, Ambrotose AO® capsules, PhytoMatrix® caplets and PLUS caplets.

    The study was authored by Dr. Robert A. Sinnott, Dr. Rolando L. Maddela, Dr. Sejong Bae and Dr. Talitha Best. Dr. Sinnott is the CEO and Chief Science Officer at Mannatech, and Dr. Maddela is the Clinical Research Administration Manager at Mannatech. Dr. Bae is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics in the School of Public Health at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texas; Dr. Best is a Research Fellow at the Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, Sansom Institute for Health Research, University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia.Study was at least partially funded by Mannatech.

    The International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference brings together scientists, physicians and athletes interested in sharing the latest science for evaluating nutritional and behavioral approaches to optimizing human health and performance.

    More information about the meeting can be found at the following website:

    A PDF of the poster can be found on the Publications page, Multiple Products section of this web site.

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    Mannatech Presents Glyconutrient Science at the 10th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium. Mechanisms That Might Contribute to the Cognitive Benefits of Mannatech’s Ambrotose® Polysaccharides Are Presented.

    apr-5-2012Mannatech recently presented product research at the prestigious 10th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium, which was held in The Hague, the Netherlands, March 31-April 3, 2012. The pre-clinical study showed that intake of Advanced Ambrotose® powder had positive effects in the brain on the expression of genes associated with the regulation of learning, memory and mood (1)*. These preliminary findings are compatible with multiple controlled human clinical studies which indicate that intake of Ambrotose products provides significant cognitive benefits to healthy adults.*

    The study was authored by Dr. Erika N. Nelson, Jane Ramberg and Dr. Robert Sinnott. Dr. Nelson earned her BS in Genetics from the University of Kansas in Lawrence and went on to obtain her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. She has published a number of papers on neurodevelopmental disorders and brain epigenetics. A candidate for a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Texas at Dallas, Dr. Nelson is also a consultant for Mannatech. Dr. Sinnott is CEO and CSO at Mannatech and Jane Ramberg is Director of Product Substantiation at Mannatech.

    The 10th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium brings together scientists from around the world, including many thought leaders in the field of glycobiology. The United Kingdom’s Royal Society of Medicine has been hosting these meetings—devoted to providing a forum for scientists and clinicians to disseminate the findings of current leading edge research in both novel and classic fields of glycobiology—for over 20 years. More information about the meeting can be found here:

      Download Poster PDF

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    Early Registration For “Nutrition and Personal Health Coaching” Is Open

    dec-14-2011Early registration for “Nutrition and Personal Health Coaching”, a university-level course designed by the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), with input from Mannatech scientists, is open at $100 off the regular price until December 30, 2011. While similar courses typically cost around $1,500 or more, TWU is offering this extensive training for only $525. The preregistration cost is thus only $425.

    This unique, science-based, online course meets the growing demand of both health professionals and members of the general public who want to learn more about health and nutrition and discover how to implement this knowledge in realistic ways into their daily lives. It is taught by highly qualified members of the TWU faculty, including Dr. Chandan Prasad, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at TWU, who spent several years at the National Institutes of Health, was a Professor and Vice Chairman in the Department of Medicine at Louisiana State University, has authored/co-authored more than 200 papers in the area of nutrition, and holds three U.S. and international patents. The 45-hour course also includes a guest lecture from Dr. Rob Sinnott, Co-CEO and Chief Science Officer at Mannatech, about the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Upon successful completion, participants will earn a Certificate of Completion of Training as well as continuing education credit hours. Talented undergraduate and PhD-level students at TWU will also benefit: the majority of the proceeds from the class will be used to fund research scholarships to deserving recipients.

    To register, please go to the TWU website.

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    Mannatech Scientist Attends Clinical Research Training

    Dr. Rolando L. Maddela in San Francisco
    Dr. Rolando L. Maddela in San Francisco

    Dr. Rolando L. Maddela, Mannatech’s Clinical Research Administration Manager, recently attended a Clinical Project/Program Management training, held in San Francisco on October 27-28, 2011. The training was sponsored by the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA), which provides internationally recognized certification programs that promote quality clinical research to protect the welfare of research participants and improve global health.

    The goal of this training was to foster successful clinical trials by broadening participants’ knowledge of their regulatory framework, project management art and science, planning and accounting. Attendees included an international group of investigators, project managers, monitors, and site coordinators from academia, governmental agencies, contract research organizations and other private entities. Faculty included experts from the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University, the University of California, San Francisco’s Immune Tolerance Network, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Volcano Corporation.

    Mannatech has long been committed to confirming the quality and efficacy of its products through ethical, high quality research collaborations with top notch scientists around the world. Publications of clinical trials related Mannatech products can be found on the Publications page of Dr. Maddela is a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP). SoCRA awards the CCRP designation to health professionals who have demonstrated an internationally accepted level of knowledge, education, and experience in clinical research.

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    Australian Scientist Wins Researchers in Business Project Funding

     Dr. Talitha Best
    Dr. Talitha Best

    The Australian government has granted Dr. Talitha Best a 12-month Researchers in Business (RiB) grant to help develop research on Mannatech’s glyconutritional products. The RiB program is part of Enterprise Connect, an initiative within the Australian government’s Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. The program is designed to accelerate industry innovation and competitiveness by connecting university and public agency researchers with businesses that wish to develop new ideas with commercial potential. RiB initiatives are destined to play an important role in enhancing the transfer of university intellectual capital into practical business applications and to stimulate the dissemination of industry knowledge back into the research community. Exciting innovation is expected to flow from breaking down the cultural divide between academia and business.

    For more than six years, Dr. Best, a post-doctoral research fellow at the Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, the University of South Australia (UniSA), and the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University of Technology, has been investigating the impact of dietary saccharides on human brain function. Based at UniSA, she has presented her findings at numerous scientific conferences and has shown, in two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials, that intake of Mannatech’s saccharide supplement, Ambrotose® complex, can provide both immediate and long-term improvements in memory, cognition and well-being (1),(2)*.

    † Mannatech provided the Ambrotose supplement and placebo used in this study.
    ‡ Mannatech provided partial funding and provided the Ambrotose supplement and placebo used in this study.

    1. Best T, Kemps E, Bryan J. Saccharide effects on cognition and well-being in middle-aged adults: A randomized controlled trial. Dev Neuropsych 2010;35:66-80.
    2. Best T, Howe P, Bryan J, Buckley J, Scholey A. Plant polysaccharides, memory and cognition in middle-aged adults. Presented at the 38th Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference in Auckland, New Zealand, April 28-30, 2011.
    Oct 31, 2011 at 3:45 pm | Press Releases