Bifidobacterium lactis

Bifidobacterium lactis is a type of lactic-acid bacteria that is naturally found in the human gastrointestinal tract. Bifidobacterium lactis is a highly researched strain of probiotic that has been found to bring gastrointestinal benefits to people that experience digestive issues and also to provide immune support.1

In a randomized, placebo-controlled, 5-month clinical study, the multispecies probiotic that included Bifidobacterium lactis was found to be an effective and safe option to help improve bowel regularity and to stabilize the intestinal microbiota.2

Another randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled study, found Bifidobacterium lactis helps improve gastrointestinal function in adults.3

This ingredient can be found in the following products in United States:


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