Bokbunja black raspberry (Rubus coreanus) fruit extract

Rubus coreanus  (also called Korean black raspberry and Japanese Briar Rose) is a species of raspberry native to Korea, Japan and China. It produces edible fruits that can be fermented into bokbunja ju, a Korean fruit wine. A source of vitamin C, plant sterols and flavonoids, the fruits have been used traditionally for a variety of purposes, including as a diuretic 1. In a study evaluating the in vitro pro- and anti-oxidant activities of 70 herbs used in Korean traditional medicine, R. coreanus ranked at the top of the antioxidant herbs2. In animal studies, R. coreanus extracts have demonstrated liver-protective 3,4, antioxidant5 and anti-inflammatory6 benefits. R. coreanus also improved body composition in animals5,7,8 and protected against fatigue 9 . In an open-label 4-week trial, 30 g/day intake of freeze-dried R. coreanus by 15 healthy men provided antioxidant benefits 10.

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