Crocus chrysanthus bulb extract

Crocus chrysanthus bulb extract is an extract derived from the bulb of the crocus flower. Collagen, the main extracellular structural protein in the skin dermis, diminishes with age1. Elastin fibers in the dermis, key to supporting the elasticity of the skin, also diminish with aging2. Both of these structural components of the skin are produced by the most common cell in connective tissue: fibroblasts. Keratinocytes, cells on the surface of the skin, communicate with fibroblasts deep in the dermis, stimulating their ability to synthesis collagen and elastin3. A human clinical study indicated that Crocus chrysanthus bulb extract improved skin firmness; another study showed that it increased the collagen and elastin fiber content of the skin. The mechanism of these effects was explored in test tube studies, which showed that human skin fibroblasts exhibited increased expression of genes associated with markers of collagen/elastin assembly following exposure to culture medium from human skin keratinocytes exposed to Crocus chrysanthus bulb extract.

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