Manapol aloe vera extract

Manapol® is a polysaccharide found in aloe vera gel. A unique ingredient exclusive to Mannatech, Incorporated, Manapol is extracted from fresh, washed and filtered gel by a specialized extraction method that yields insoluble fibers and stabilized, high molecular weight (MW) soluble fibers rich in long-chain mannose sugars—beta-(1-4)-acetylated polymannans1.

Mannose is an important glyconutrient sugar that supports cell-to-cell communication2. Many attribute the benefits of topically and orally-applied aloe vera gel to its acetylated polymannan content and preliminary evidence suggests that acetylation increases the solubility of aloe mannans3.

The MW of over 20% of Manapol is >800,000. Preliminary evidence suggests that superior immunologic benefits may be provided by higher MW aloe gel extracts that have a higher mannose content1,4. Manapol also contains the monosaccharide sugars glucuronic acid, glucose, galacturonic acid, xylose, galactose, glucosamine, fucose, rhamnose and arabinose, and small amounts of protein, calcium, potassium and sulfate1,5,6.


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