Rice bran powder

Rice bran is made from the bran layer, underneath the hull layer of rice, Oryza sativa. The bran, or byproduct obtained while milling rice, makes up about 1/10th of the weight of rice grain 1,2 Rice bran, the outer brown layer, includes rice germ that is removed from the starchy endosperm via the milling process 1,2. Rice bran contains dietary fiber 3. Rice bran oil is a popular “healthy oil” in Asia, Japan, and especially India 3,4,5. Rice bran, as a co-product of milling, contains about 15-20% fat and 11-15% protein 6. Humans have been enjoying grain foods, including rice, for the past thousand years 7. For two-thirds of the population of the world, rice is the staple food 8. A number of studies reported in the Natural Medicines database, professional monograph on rice bran 9 show safe use in studies of up to 5 years.

This ingredient can be found in the following products in United States:


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