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  • Mannatech Applauds Cover Story Of The Economist: Microbes Maketh Man

    aug-23-2012Mannatech applauds the cover story of the August 18th edition of The Economist, which introduces its readers to the human microbiome—the roughly 100 trillion bacteria that populate our bodies, inside and out. According to “Microbes maketh man”, the composition and behavior of bacteria in the gut is critically important for human health.

    Mannatech has known for quite some time that the gut is fundamentally important for one’s wellness and has been leading innovators in the design and testing of health products that positively influence the human microbiome. So, it’s exciting to see this important area of scientific research get the attention it deserves by one of the most widely read and influential weekly publications in the world.

    Mannatech‘s interest in the ability of the gut to influence overall health increased in 2005, when the prestigious journal Science devoted much of an issue to “The Gut, Inner Tube of Life.” At that time, Mannatech knew that many people who consumed their glyconutritional supplements (Ambrotose® products) experienced wide-ranging, powerful benefits, some of which were enhanced digestive health.* However, little was known about what happens to dietary glycans in the gut, and how their intake shapes gut bacterial populations, gut health and overall health. Given these scientific gaps, Mannatech’s Research and Development team began to devote significant scientific muscle to get some answers.

    Since then, Mannatech scientists have presented research at scientific meetings and published studies in peer-reviewed journals. These studies have reported basic glycan chemistry data (1), (2), (3) in vitro data reporting the molecular weight of glycan polymers following digestion by human gut bacteria (4), and prebiotic effects—including the possibility of enhancing species belonging to Bacteroidetes, a group of bacteria associated with weight management (5).*

    Preclinical research indicates that oral intake of Ambrotose products can impact the colon, including exerting positive effects on colonic cell gene expression (6). Mannatech scientists have also published literature reviews reporting the impact of dietary glycans on the immune system (7) and the brain (8)—areas of particular interest to Mannatech because of studies indicating that intake of glyconutrients can benefit the gut and the immune system.*

    Mannatech is proud to be a leader in developing innovative dietary supplements that positively impact the gut microbiome based on science derived from an understanding of how glycans impact the gut: a small contribution to the extraordinary advances in microbiome research. The time is now for consumers to get on board with taking care of their guts, because when we take care of our guts, we are taking care of our entire bodies.

    In addition to Mannatech’s Ambrotose products, Mannatech offers
    GI-ProBalance™ slimsticks, a yogurt-flavored pre/probiotic supplement that can positively affect health by improving the survival and growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

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    Note: The editors of The Economist are not affiliated with Mannatech, Incorporated and do not endorse Mannatech products

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