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    About six years ago Mannatecphoto of Jane and Erikah realized that, to facilitate scientific understanding of the effect of dietary polysaccharides on the immune system, there was a pressing need to consolidate and describe the existing immunologic oral polysaccharide literature. Always ready for a challenge, Mannatech scientists decided to take on the task, and their systematic literature review was published in Nutrition Journal in November of 2010.
    This review has indeed been of great interest to researchers around the globe who are striving to better understand these complex and often potent natural molecules derived from plants and fungi. In fact, Mannatech recently celebrated a significant milestone for this literature review: the article has been cited in over 100 research publications!
    “We’ve always recognized the need for strong product validation, as evidenced by pre-clinical research and human clinical studies that have documented the benefits of our core products for people,”* commented Tait Switzer, Vice President of Research and Development at Mannatech. “International recognition of the importance of this literature review and rapidly growing interest in oral polysaccharide research further demonstrates that we are truly advancing the scientific understanding of the benefits that can be derived from dietary polysaccharides.”

    Pictured:  Authors Jane Ramberg, MS (left) and Dr. Erika Nelson.  Not pictured: Dr. Robert Sinnott


    Feb 18, 2016 at 8:55 pm | Press Releases