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  • Mannatech Establishes Nutrition and Health Education Collaborations with Texas Woman’s University

     Dr. Chandan Prasad, Dr. Francesco Marotta and Dr. Rob Sinnott
    Dr. Chandan Prasad, Dr. Francesco Marotta and Dr. Rob Sinnott

    Mannatech and the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at Texas Woman’s University (TWU*) are developing and implementing collaborative endeavors that will enhance the public’s knowledge about health and nutrition. On April 15, 2011, Professor Francesco Marotta**, MD, PhD, gave a Mannatech-sponsored lecture to TWU Nutrition and Food Sciences students titled “Clinical Options and Applications for Genetic Testing in Modern Nutritional Strategies.” Professor Marotta, an internationally recognized expert in probiotics and human health, is a physician in the Hepato-Gastroenterology Unit, S Giuseppe Hospital via S Vittore, Milano, Italy. His lecture covered recent developments in the rapidly growing field of science that is investigating the relationships between nutrients and the human genome. Such developments are beginning to optimize health by guiding consumers to customized nutrient intake based on their genomes. The day before speaking at TWU, Dr. Marotta also visited Mannatech’s corporate facility in Coppell, Texas, and gave a talk titled “Improvement of Microflora Balance and Gut Functionality by Probiotics.” In light of Mannatech’s recent launch of GI-ProBalance™ slimsticks, Dr. Marotta’s talk, which emphasized factors that can negatively impact gut flora—including aging, poor diet, prescription drugs, stress and illness—was of great interest to Mannatech’s Global Scientific Services and Marketing teams.

    Dr. Marotta with Mannatech's R&D Team
    Dr. Marotta with Mannatech’s R&D Team

    Dr. Robert Sinnott, Mannatech’s Co-CEO and Chief Science Officer, also recently delivered a talk to TWU students about the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). His lecture was recorded and will be available to students whose coursework requires them to know about this legislation. Finally, Mannatech and TWU are exploring the development of a certified course, specifically designed for Mannatech Associates, in nutrition and personal health coaching.

    * About TWU
    More than 14,000 students are enrolled at TWU, either online or at campuses located in Dallas, Houston and Denton, Texas. Led by department chair Professor Chandran Prasad, PhD, TWU’s Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences (Denton) offers programs in nutrition, culinary science, food science and food systems administration. BS, BAS, MS and PhD degrees are offered.

    ** About Professor Marotta
    Professor Marotta is one of the world’s leading experts on probiotics and human health. After his graduation from Catania University with MD (cum laude) in 1981, he joined the University of Chicago as a Visiting Fellow in gastroenterology. Two years later, he was selected by the South African Education Ministry to serve as a registrar at the University of Cape Town, Groote Schuur Hospital. Dr. Marotta is the first Italian to obtain a PhD from the University of Hirosaki, Japan; the entire curriculum was taught in Japanese. He later received a Fellowship from the Japanese Science & Technology Ministry to continue his studies at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo. Upon returning to Italy, he was appointed as chief consultant in Gastroenterology at S. Anna Hospital, Como, Italy, and then as a Consultant at Hepato-GI Unit, S. Giuseppe Hospital, Milano, Italy. Dr. Marotta is also a Consulting Professor at the World Health Organization (WHO)-affiliated Center for Biotechnology and Traditional Medicine, Department of Anatomy, University of Milano; a Consulting Professor of BioGerontology, in the Urology Department, University of Pavia; and a Visiting Professor at many Japanese Institutions. Dr. Marotta also acts as international consultant to several Asian and Middle Eastern gastroenterological societies, and has chaired several international gastroenterology, bioscience and aging meetings. He has received more than 20 national and international awards for his research papers and university lectures. He is the leading author of several papers, more than 350 scientific communications and lectures, and many book sections dealing with experimental and clinical gastroenterology, oxidative stress and aging.

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