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    SM-news2015Mannatech has been steadfast in its commitment to producing the highest quality scientifically validated products that meet country-specific regulatory standards. Working behind the scenes for over 12 years to help make this happen is Ms. Sharon McNair, Mannatech’s Quality Assurance Manager.

    An important component of Ms. McNair’s responsibilities is staying abreast of ever-changing Quality regulations. The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is an outstanding resource for Quality professionals serving diverse industries who seek continuing education and productive interactions with industry peers. At the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement in early May 2015, Sharon asked that a Dallas-area regional special interest group (SIG) be formed so that Quality Food, Drug, Supplements and Cosmetics professionals could meet and discuss issues relevant to their industries. Approval was provided in June 2015 and Ms. McNair agreed to serve as the inaugural chair of the SIG. During SIG meetings, held monthly at Mannatech’s corporate headquarters in Coppell, industry members share their knowledge and experiences in implementing Quality procedures that enable them to comply with federal and state regulations. As a Dallas ASQ section team member, Sharon also proctors quality professional’s certification examinations.

    “I am an advocate for continuing education and learning new ways to improve my knowledge,” explains Ms. McNair. “I love Quality and I work daily to improve Mannatech’s processes to help ensure our products are of the highest quality, which includes identifying what is perceived as a quality measure for the countries we service. Recent recalls of other company’s products do harm to the entire supplement industry. It is my hope that consumer trust will be bolstered by our SIG working together to implement and adhere to Quality standards.”

    More information about Mannatech’s commitment to quality products can be found here.

    Dec 7, 2015 at 8:50 pm | News Categories, Press Releases