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  • Study Shows Mannatech’s Ambrotose® Complex Improves Well-being in Healthy Adults

     Dr. Talitha Best
    Dr. Talitha Best

    In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving more than 100 healthy adults, individuals who consumed Ambrotose complex powder reported numerous health and well-being benefits following 12 weeks of intake, compared with subjects taking a placebo. The study was conducted by Dr. Talitha Best, a post-doctoral research fellow at the Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, University of South Australia (UniSA), and the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University of Technology, Associate Professor Eva Kemps, Flinders University, and Dr. Janet Bryan, UniSA (1). Healthy adults taking Ambrotose complex powder perceived numerous quality-of-life benefits, including some that have been confirmed by formal cognitive testing (2),(3).* Gastrointestinal effects were also among the perceived benefits reported by individuals who consumed Ambrotose complex.”

    † Mannatech provided the Ambrotose supplement and placebo used in this study.
    ‡ Mannatech provided partial funding and provided the Ambrotose supplement and placebo used in this study.

    1. The final publication is available at Best T, Kemps E, Bryan J (2011) Perceived changes in well-being following polysaccharide intake in middle-aged adults. Applied Res Qual Life.
    2. Best T, Howe P, Bryan J, et al (2011) Plant polysaccharides, memory and cognition in middle-aged adults. Presented at the 38th Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference in Aukland, New Zealand, April 28-30, 2011.
    3. Best T, Kemps E, Bryan J (2010) Saccharide effects on cognition and well-being in middle-aged adults: A randomized controlled trial. Dev Neuropsych 35:66-80.
    Sep 28, 2011 at 3:39 pm | Publications