Dr. John Kalns and colleagues (Hyperion Biotechnology, Inc., San Antonio, TX) conducted an in vitro study demonstrating that human fecal bacteria can partially break down Advanced Ambrotose® powder and two of its constituents (aloe vera gel polysaccharides and arabinogalactan). Bacteria identified that could best compete for these polysaccharides were Enterococcus species (a species that is a popular probiotic in some countries). Study was at least partially funded by Mannatech.


Sinnott RA, Ramberg J, Kirchner JM, et al. (2007) Utilization of arabinogalactan, aloe vera gel polysaccharides, and a mixed saccharide dietary supplement by human colonic bacteria in vitro . Int J Probiotics Prebiotics 2:97-104.

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